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Navy 34, Air Force 25 - Final

Fourth Quarter

The Air Force drive started at their own 27.  DJ Hammond threw three incomplete passes and Navy called a timeout with one second remaining in the game.  On the next play, Air Force fumbled and the ball was recovered by Navy’s Tony Brown who returned the ball 8 yards for the TD as the Midshipmen rushed the field.  The Mids win the first leg for the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy, 34-25.

Navy’s drive started at their own 25 yard line.  Chance Warren is in the game for an injured Malcolm Perry.  Warren completed am 18 yard pass to Tazh Maloy to the Navy 43.  Perry re-entered the game and completed a 32 yard pass to CJ Williams to the Air Fore 35.  Navy faced a 4th-and-1 on the Air Force 15.  Following the TO, Perry converted the first down with a one yard carry to the AF 14.  On the next play, Perry made a great run for 11 yards and took a vicious hit as he tried to dive into the end zone.  On the next play, Perry scored from three yards out giving Navy the lead, 28-25 with 22 seconds remaining in the game.  Navy’s scoring drive was 11-75-2:53.

Air Force took over at their own 28 yard line.  Stevenson completed a 41 yard pass to Waters to the Navy 6 yard line.  After three consecutive runs, Taven Birdow punched it in from one yard out.  Air Force takes their first lead of the game, 25-21 with 3:15 left in the game.

The Navy offense could not move the ball and were forced to punt on a 3-and-out series.

DJ Hammond completed a 10 yard pass to Kad Waguespack and a 9 yard pass to Geraud Sanders, moving the ball to the Navy 16.  Later in the drive, Hammond called his own number and scored on a one yard TD run.  The Air Force score cut the Navy lead to 21-19 with 7:38 remaining in the game.  The Falcon scoring drive was 8-37-3:48.

Navy started on their own 19 yard line.  After gaining one first down, Nelson Smith fumbled and Air Force recovered at the Navy 37.

Air Force QB Hammond completed a 29 yard pass play to Remsberg down to the Navy 47. A Navy personal foul call moved the ball to the Navy 30 yard line.  Hammond completed another pass, this time a 19 yarder to Ben Waters to the Navy 9 yard line.  The Navy defense once again forced an Air Force FG attempt.  Koehnke made the 26 yard attempt making the score, Navy 21, Air Force 12.  The Air Force scoring drive was 8-68-3:16.

Third Quarter

On Navy’s second play, fullback Nelson Smith ran up the middle for 37 yards to the Air Force 29.  Three consecutive short runs force a field goal attempt by Nichols who couldn’t connect on a 41 yard attempt giving the Falcons the ball back at their own 24.

Air Force was called for an offensive pass interference penalty on the first play of the drive moving the ball back to their own 13 yard line.  On the next play, Hammonds completed a 47 yard pass to Kadin Remsberg to the Navy 40.  The Navy defense stiffened and force a turnover on downs to the get the ball back on their own 33.

The Mids take over with great field position at the AF 44.  Malcolm Perry carries the ball two times down to the Falcon 28 yard line.  On a third-and two from the AF 20, Perry breaks free and finds the end zone.  Nichols converts the PAT and Navy leads Air Force, 21-9.  Navy’s scoring drive was 5-44-2:17.

The Navy defense matches the effort of AF and force a three-and-out of their own.

Chance Warren took the AF kickoff to the Navy 40 yard line where the Mids will start their opening drive of the half.  The Falcons force a three-and-out and the Midshipmen punt the ball back to AF.

Air Force got the opening kickoff of the second half and start at their own 30 yard line.  On the second play of the half, DJ Hammond breaks free for a 42 yard carry to the Navy 25.  On a 3rd down and 9 on the Navy 24, Hammond was sacked by Paul Carothers forcing a 4th and 16.  Jake Koehnke connected on a 49 yard field goal.  The Falcons cut into Navy’s lead, 14-9.  The Air Force scoring drive was 6-39-2:26.

Second Quarter

Air Force took a knee and the half ended with the score, Navy 14, Air Force 6.

Navy returned the AF kickoff to the Navy 33.  Navy gained 8 yards on the drive and punted the ball back to AF with 36 seconds remaining.  Owen White punted the ball 54 yards to the AF 10 yard line.

Air Force started at their own 25 after Navy’s kickoff went into the end zone.  Hammond completed a 13 yard pass to Sanders to move the ball to the AF 37.  Hammond then carried the ball for 17 yards to the Navy 46.  Hammond converted a 4th down attempt later in the drive moving the ball to the Navy 34.  Hammond called his own number again, this time rushing for 12 yards to the Navy 22.  The drive stalled and Jake Koehnke kicked his second FG of the game, this time from 40 yards out.  Air Force cuts into Navy’s lead.  The Mids still lead, 14-6 with 2:17 remaining in the first half.

Malcolm Perry hit CJ Williams for a 23 yard pass to the Air Force 43. Chance Warren carried the ball for Navy on an end around for 9 yards to the AF 33.  Then Perry hit Cooper again, this time for 28 yards to the AF 3.  The catch was Cooper’s third of the game for 90 yards.  On the next play, Nelson Smith ran for his second TD of the game.  Nichols converted the PAT.  Navy leads Air Force, 14-3 with 7:39 left in the first half.  Navy’s scoring drive was 8-66-3:52.

Air Force started their next drive on their won 25 yard line.  The Falcons were unable to get a first down and punted the ball to Navy.  Navy called a fair catch at their own 34 yard line.  An Air Force player ran into Navy’s Garrett Winn after the catch, but no flag was thrown.

Today’s attendance is 37,957, the fourth largest crowd in Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.

On Navy’s first play of the 2nd quarter, Malcolm Perry completed a 38-yard pass to Mychal Cooper to the Air Force 25.  On the next play, Perry found Cooper again, this time for 24 yards to the Air Force 1 yard line.  Two plays later, Nelson Smith scored on a 1-yard TD run.  Bijan Nichols converted the PAT and Navy has a 7-3 lead with 13:24 remaining in the second quarter.  Navy’s scoring drive was 5-64-1:44.

First Quarter

Navy ran one plays and the quarter ended with Air Force leading 3-0 on a sloppy first quarter.

Air Force was able to gain just 3 yards on their drive and punted back to Navy.  Navy muffed the punt but were able to recover at their own 37.

The Mids started the drive on their own 28.  The offense could not get a first down and Navy punted from their own 34.  Air Force gets the ball back at heir own 22 following a 44 yard punt.

On Air Force’s third play of the drive, Kadin Remsberg fumbled and it was recovered by Navy’s Jackson Pittman who returned the ball the Navy 33.  After the play was reviewed, it was determined that Pittman then fumbled and Air Force recovered on the Navy 33. Jake Koehnke kicked a 42 yard field goal to give Air Force the early lead, 3-0.  The Falcon scoring drive was 4-8-2:14.

Malcolm Perry carried the ball for 11 yards on Navy’s first play of the drive.  On the second play, Perry fumbled the snap and Mosese Fifita recovered a the Navy 29.  Turnovers have ended the last two drives in the game.

Air Force was able to move the ball through the air on their first drive.  DJ Hammond completed passes to Geraud Sanders and Kade Waguespack for 22 and 25 yards respectively to the Navy 28.  Facing a 3rd down play, Hammond was picked off by Evan Fochtman at the Navy 15.  The INT was Fochtman’s first career interception.  The Mids take over at their own 19.

On Navy’s opening drive, the Midshipmen started at their own 25 yard line.  On a 3rd-and-10 from their own 25, Malcolm Perry scrambled for 13 yards to give the Mids a first down at the 38 yard line. On the ensuing play, Navy was called for a chop block and moved the ball back to the 23.  Navy was forced to punt and Owen White booted a tight spiral to the Air Force 23.

Air Force won the coin toss and deferred to the second half.  Navy will get the ball first.

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