Saturday, October 05, 2019

Navy 14, Air Force 6 - Halftime

Second Quarter

Air Force took a knee and the half ended with the score, Navy 14, Air Force 6.

Navy returned the AF kickoff to the Navy 33.  Navy gained 8 yards on the drive and punted the ball back to AF with 36 seconds remaining.  Owen White punted the ball 54 yards to the AF 10 yard line.

Air Force started at their own 25 after Navy’s kickoff went into the end zone.  Hammond completed a 13 yard pass to Sanders to move the ball to the AF 37.  Hammond then carried the ball for 17 yards to the Navy 46.  Hammond converted a 4th down attempt later in the drive moving the ball to the Navy 34.  Hammond called his own number again, this time rushing for 12 yards to the Navy 22.  The drive stalled and Jake Koehnke kicked his second FG of the game, this time from 40 yards out.  Air Force cuts into Navy’s lead.  The Mids still lead, 14-6 with 2:17 remaining in the first half.

Malcolm Perry hit CJ Williams for a 23 yard pass to the Air Force 43. Chance Warren carried the ball for Navy on an end around for 9 yards to the AF 33.  Then Perry hit Cooper again, this time for 28 yards to the AF 3.  The catch was Cooper’s third of the game for 90 yards.  On the next play, Nelson Smith ran for his second TD of the game.  Nichols converted the PAT.  Navy leads Air Force, 14-3 with 7:39 left in the first half.  Navy’s scoring drive was 8-66-3:52.

Air Force started their next drive on their won 25 yard line.  The Falcons were unable to get a first down and punted the ball to Navy.  Navy called a fair catch at their own 34 yard line.  An Air Force player ran into Navy’s Garrett Winn after the catch, but no flag was thrown.

Today’s attendance is 37,957, the fourth largest crowd in Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.

On Navy’s first play of the 2nd quarter, Malcolm Perry completed a 38-yard pass to Mychal Cooper to the Air Force 25.  On the next play, Perry found Cooper again, this time for 24 yards to the Air Force 1 yard line.  Two plays later, Nelson Smith scored on a 1-yard TD run.  Bijan Nichols converted the PAT and Navy has a 7-3 lead with 13:24 remaining in the second quarter.  Navy’s scoring drive was 5-64-1:44.

First Quarter

Navy ran one plays and the quarter ended with Air Force leading 3-0 on a sloppy first quarter.

Air Force was able to gain just 3 yards on their drive and punted back to Navy.  Navy muffed the punt but were able to recover at their own 37.

The Mids started the drive on their own 28.  The offense could not get a first down and Navy punted from their own 34.  Air Force gets the ball back at heir own 22 following a 44 yard punt.

On Air Force’s third play of the drive, Kadin Remsberg fumbled and it was recovered by Navy’s Jackson Pittman who returned the ball the Navy 33.  After the play was reviewed, it was determined that Pittman then fumbled and Air Force recovered on the Navy 33. Jake Koehnke kicked a 42 yard field goal to give Air Force the early lead, 3-0.  The Falcon scoring drive was 4-8-2:14.

Malcolm Perry carried the ball for 11 yards on Navy’s first play of the drive.  On the second play, Perry fumbled the snap and Mosese Fifita recovered a the Navy 29.  Turnovers have ended the last two drives in the game.

Air Force was able to move the ball through the air on their first drive.  DJ Hammond completed passes to Geraud Sanders and Kade Waguespack for 22 and 25 yards respectively to the Navy 28.  Facing a 3rd down play, Hammond was picked off by Evan Fochtman at the Navy 15.  The INT was Fochtman’s first career interception.  The Mids take over at their own 19.

On Navy’s opening drive, the Midshipmen started at their own 25 yard line.  On a 3rd-and-10 from their own 25, Malcolm Perry scrambled for 13 yards to give the Mids a first down at the 38 yard line. On the ensuing play, Navy was called for a chop block and moved the ball back to the 23.  Navy was forced to punt and Owen White booted a tight spiral to the Air Force 23.

Air Force won the coin toss and deferred to the second half.  Navy will get the ball first.

Navy and Air Force Meet in Commander-In-Chief’s Trophy Battle

Navy hosts the Air Force Academy this afternoon at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in the first leg of the battle for the Commander-In-Chief’s Trophy. Both teams come in to the contest with one loss.  Navy lost last week at Memphis, 35-23 and Air Force’s lone loss was on the road at Boise State, 30-19.

Today’s game will be a battle on the ground.  Navy and Air Force boast the top two rushing offenses. The Mids are first, rushing for 344.7 yards per game.  The Falcons are right behind them averaging 332.8 yards per game.  This will be a game where mistakes could be the deciding factor in the game.  With two dominant rushing attacks, the number of possessions that each offense will have will be minimal. Navy is averaging 37:38 time of possession and Air Force is averaging 33:31.

The two teams have two of the least effective passing offenses based on yardage.  However, when they do pass they are efficient.  Aif Force is averaging 20.95 yards per completion and Navy is averaging 18.8 yards per completion, good for second and third in the NCAA respectively.

Navy is led by dynamic quarterback, Malcolm Perry.  Perry leads the Midshipmen in rushing with 275 yards and 7 TDs.  He also has 336 passing yards with 3 touchdown passes.  CJ Williams has three receptions for 117 yards and 2 TDs.

The Air Force running game is handled by Kadin Remsberg and Taven Birdown.  Remserg has 342 yards on 58 carries and 3 TDs.  He is complimented by Birdown who has 338 yards and 2 scores on 64 carries. Quarterback, DJ Hammond has completed 18 passes for 369 yards and 4 TD passes.  His top target has been Gerald Sanders.  Sanders has 13 receptions for 291 yards and 3 scores.

Navy and Air Force have each won the last game that they hosted and this year’s game will be the first step in taking the CIC Trophy from Army who won the award last year with wins over both Navy and Air Force.  Today’s kickoff is scheduled for 3:33 on CBS Sports Network.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Navy 42, East Carolina 10 - Final

Fourth Quarter

On ECU’s next drive, the Navy defense forced and recovered a fumble and the Navy offense took a knee to end the game.  Navy won their second game of the year, 42-10 over ECU.

After the Navy defense forced its first turnover of the game, the Navy offense was only able to gain 16 yards before Owen White was forced to punt for the third time in the game.  On the drive, an ECU defender was carted off the field with an apparent neck or back injury. No further details were provided.

Following the Navy fumbled punt return, ECU had little success moving the ball.  On a third down on the ECU 40, Navy’s Kevin Brennan picked off a Holton Ahler pass giving the ball back to the Mids.

Two carries for no yards and an incomplete pass force another three and out for ECU.  On their punt, the ball touched a Navy player and ECU recovered on their own 42 yard line.

The Navy offense has not been as effective since Malcolm Perry and a few other starters have left the game.  Perry Olsen carried three times on the drive for 23 yards.  Navy punted for just the second time in the game and ECU starts deep in their own territory.

ECU was able to drive down the short field and score their first TD of the game on a a 2-yard carry by Holton Ahlers.  Ahlers used his arm on the drive passing for 40 yards and also getting a pass interference call in the end zone that put the ball at the 2 yard line.  Navy now leads ECU, 42-10 with 12:30 left in the game.  East Carolina’s scoring drive was 8-50-2:46.

Third Quarter

Malcolm Perry gets the rest of the day off and Perry Olsen will take over the QB role for Navy.  Perry finished the day responsible for six touchdowns in the game.  This is the most since Keenan Reynolds was responsible for 7 in 2014.  A fleet of new players made plays on Navy’s drive.  Olson had 5 carries on the drive and completed one pass.  The Mids were unable to convert a fourth down and ECU takes over at midfield.

The Navy defense is relentless and forces another three-and-out for ECU.

Malcolm Perry connected with CJ Williams for an 80-yard touchdown pass on their first play following the ECU punt.  Navy leads ECU, 42-3 with 6:34 left in the third quarter.  The 80 yard pass was the longest for Navy since November 20, 2010 when Ricky Dobbs completed an 80 yarder to Greg Jones.  The Navy scoring drive was 1-80-0:12.

Navy’s defense forced another three-and-out with ECU.  The Pirates’ defense is going to start wearing down quickly without more sustained offensive drives for East Carolina.

Navy received the ball first to start the second half.  The drive was quintessential Navy football.  The Mids carried the ball 13 times and completed one pass.  Malcolm Perry led the way with 8 carries followed by Nelson Smith with three.  Perry also completed a pass to Keoni Makekau for 27 yards.  They also converted two fourth downs on the drive, giving them four in the game.  Perry scored the rushing touchdown from the one yard line which happened to be their second fourth down conversion of the drive.  The Mids lead ECU, 35-3 with 7:53 left in the  third quarter.  The Navy scoring drive was 14-75-7:07.  Perry now has 156 rushing yards and 4 rushing TDs in the game.


Statistical leaders in the first half -


Malcolm Perry 16-128 3 TDs

Malcolm Perry 3-5-41 1 TD

CJ Williams 2-37 1 TD

Elan Nash 5 tackles, 1 TFL


Holton Ahlers 7-32

Holton Ahlers 7-14-93

Tyler Snead 3-54

Davo Robinson 7 tackles

Second Quarter

The half ended with ECU in possession of the ball on their own 29 yard line.  Navy leads this AAC matchup, 28-3.

Navy was unable to move the ball after Perry’s 14 yard carry on the first play of the drive.  Perry was sacked on the next play and Navy couldn’t get another first down.  The Mids punt the ball to eh ECU 13 yard line where the Pirates take over with 1:22 left in the half.

ECU punted for the fourth time following a three-and-out forced by the Navy defense.  Navy will take over at their own 27 with 4:05 left in the half.

It appeared that the Mids were held without points for the first time in the game.  Navy, however, had other ideas and converted a 4th-and-4 on the ECU 47 yard line.  The Mids called a time out and gave the ball to Nelson Smith who carried for 9 yards.  ECU was called for a personal foul and the penalty added 15 yards to the run to the ECU 23 yard line.  Mychal Cooper carried the ball 11 yards, Nelson Smith added 6 yards and Perry scored his third TD of the game from 6 yards out.  Navy leads ECU 28-3 with 5:25 left in the half.  Navy’s scoring drive was 8-72-3:44.  Perry has 119 yards on 13 carries in the game and 44 yards passing and one TD through the air.

ECU was finally able to put points on the board.  Bolton Ahlers point the team on his shoulders on their fourth drive.  He carried the ball twice and completed 4 passes for 63 yards to the Navy 7 yard line.  The big play was a 41 yard completion to Tyler Snead.  On what appeared to be a touchdown run by Demetrius Mauney, the Pirates were flagged with a 5-yard penalty.  They were forced to attempt a field goal.  Jake Verity connected on a 23-yarder to cut Navy’s lead to 21-3 with 9:09 left in the first half.  The East Carolina scoring drive was 11-69-4:29.

The Midshipmen started their next drive from their own 15 yard line with a pass from Perry.  The pass was just over the outstretched hands of CJ Williams.  Perry made up for the errant pass on the next play with a 14-yard run to the Navy 29.  Perry converted a 3rd-and-4 with a 6-yard carry and a little help with his teammates to move the pile forward.  A personal foul that ripped the helmet off Perry’s head moved the ball to the ECU 29.  On the next play, Perry connected with CJ Williams for a 29-yard TD pass.  Navy leads visiting ECU, 21-0 with 13:38 left in the second quarter.  Navy’s scoring drive was 10-85-5:08.  Malcolm Perry has 10 carries for 97 yards and 2 touchdowns.  He also has 2 completions for 36 yards and a TD.

First Quarter

East Carolina had much more success moving the ball on their next drive.  The Pirates started the drive on their own 11.  They moved the ball to the Navy 39 before being forced to punt the ball away for the third consecutive drive.  Ahlers started the drive with a 24-yard scramble to the 35.  A completed pass on the next play with a Navy personal foul moved the ball into Navy territory for the first time in the game.  The Pirates completed a pass to convert a fourth and 3, but their was a holding penalty called on the play forcing ECU to punt the ball back to Navy.

Navy was just as successful on their second drive as they were on their first.  Nelson Smith had the first two carries of the drive for 7 yards.  Malcolm Perry then busted a 30 yard run to the ECU 28.  Three plays later, Tazh Maloy carried for 11 yards to the Pirates 15 yard line.  Two plays later, Perry found the end zone again, this time from 11 yards to give Navy a 14-0 lead with 5:46 left in the first quarter.  Navy’s scoring drive was 8-65-3:54.

ECU was unable to sustain much of a drive on their second possession.  Bolton Ahlers completed 2 passes for 23 yards.  The drive stalled at the ECU 38 and John Young punted the ball to the Navy 35.

Navy moved quickly down the field on their opening drive.  CJ Williams carried the ball 10 yards to the ECU 28.  Malcolm Perry completed a 7 yard pass to Myles Fells to the 19 yard line.  After a 1 yard run by Nelson Wilson, Perry called his own number and scampered 18 yards for a Navy touchdown.  The Mids lead ECU 7-0 with 11:26 remaining in the first quarter.  Navy’s scoring drive was 6 plays, 38 yards, and last 2:08.

East Carolina was unable to move the ball on their first drive.  The Navy defense forced a three and out with ECU gaining -7 yards on the drive.  The punt went 22 yards and Navy starts with great field position.

Navy Hosts East Carolina in AAC Opener

Navy Hosts East Carolina in AAC Opener

Navy hosts visiting East Carolina in the American Athletic Conference opener for both teams.  Navy comes in to today’s game with a 1-0 record.  The Mids knocked off Holy Cross, 45-7 in the season opener.  Navy was led by fullback Nelson Smith who rushed for 96 yards and three touchdowns.  CJ Williams added 91 yards and a TD.  Team Captain, Malcolm Perry completed six passes for 103 yards to help balance Navy’s run-oriented offense.  The Mids had a bye week last week.

East Carolina enters the game with a 1-1 record.  The Pirates are led by first year head coach, Mike Houston.  ECU dropped their season opener with a 34-6 loss at the hands of NC State.  They rebounded last week with a 48-9 win over Gardner-Webb. The Pirates’ ground game was key to getting the win in their home opener.  Both Darius Pinnix and Demetrius Mauney gained over 100 yards on the ground with Pinnix finding the end zone two times.  ECU has also passed for over 200 yards in each of their first two games.

You can follow the game live here on Mid-Atlantic Sports.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Navy 45, Holy Cross 7 - Final

Fourth Quarter

The announced attendance for today’s game was 28,531. The attendance was much lower when Navy’s drive started.  Junior Garret Winn carried the ball on the first play for 24 yards to midfield.  Fullback James Harris II got several carries on the drive keeping the interior of the Holy Cross defense honest. The Navy drive ends on the Holy Cross 9 yard line as time expired.  Navy starts the season 1-0 and goes to 11-1 on home openers under Ken Niumatalolo’s leadership.

The Crusaders began their next drive on their own 8 yard line with 9:05 left in the game.  The Mids defense did not let up and forced a 3 and out.  Navy has the ball 1st and 10 on their own 26.

Navy ran three QBs in to the game on their next drive.  Tyger Goslin, Perry Olsen, and Dalen Morris all got time under center for the Mids.  The carousel of quarterbacks didn’t have much success and the Mids punted from their own 46 yard line.

The Holy Cross offense couldn’t find much success against the stifling Navy defense.  Degenhardt completed one pass for 18-yards on the drive and then through three incomplete passes forcing a Holy Cross punt

Navy starts the fourth quarter facing a 3rd and 2 on the Holy Cross 49 yard line.  Nelson Smith converted that third down with a 49-yard TD run.  The 49-yard run was Smith’s career long and his three TDs are also a career high.  Nichols converted the PAT to give Navy a 45-7 lead.  Navy’s scoring drive was 7-80-2:12.

Third Quarter

Navy’s starting quarterback, Malcolm Perry got banged up on an incomplete pass.  Sophomore Tyger Goslin came in as his replacement.

Holy Cross was able to drive into Navy territory once again, but was forced to punt facing a 4th and 1 on the Navy 43.  Degenhardt was 2-3 passing on the drive for 24 yards.  The Holy Cross punt traveled into the end zone giving the Mids the ball on their own 20.

The Crusader defense was unable to slow down the Navy offense on their next drive.  The Mids ground game is hitting on all cylinders.  CJ Williams has 91 yards on 10 carries in the game.  Keoni Makekau had a 6-yard carry and a 29-yard reception on the drive.  Sophomore Isaac Ruoss got his first career carry and TD on the same play, a 2-yard scoring run that gave Navy a 38-7 lead with 4:27 left in the third quarter.

Holy Cross was able to move the ball on their next position.  Degenhardt was 3-3 early in the drive moving the ball into Navy territory.  The Navy defense stiffened forcing two incomplete passes and giving up just one are on the ground.  On a 4th-15, Degenhardt rushed for 10 yards, but Navy took over on downs at their own 20 yard line with 7:52 left in the third quarter.

Navy took advantage of great field position and capped off a 5-play, 20 yard drive with a 1-yard TD run by Nelson Smith.  Four different players touched the ball on the drive.  Navy leads Holy Cross 31-7 with 10:56 remaining in the 3rd quarter.

Holy Cross struggled on their opening drive of the second half.  Connor Degenhardt was sacked for the second consecutive play and fumbled and Navy’s Nizaire Cromartie recovered at the Crusader’s 25 yard line.

Second Quarter

Holy Cross took a knee and the half ended with the score, Navy 24, Holy Cross 7.

Navy answered Holy Cross’s scoring drive with one of their own.  Big plays led to a one yard scoring run by Malcolm Perry.  CJ Williams started off the drive with a 16-yard carry.  Later in the drive Perry completed a 44-yard pass to Michael Cooper to the Holy Cross one yard line.  Two plays later Perry found the end zone.  Navy’s scoring drive was 7-75-1:38.  Navy leads Holy Cross 24-7 with 10 seconds remaining in the half.

Holy Cross started their next drive on their own 25 yard line following a fair catch on the kickoff.  QB Connor Degenhardt began to get in a rhythm during the drive and Miles Alexander found success on the ground.  Alexander capped off the 12-play, 75-yard drive with a 16-yard TD run.  Holy Cross’s scoring drive was 12-75-5:41.  Navy leads the Crusaders, 17-7 with 1:48 remaining in the half.

The Navy triple option was clicking following the missed Holy Cross field goal.  The Mids carried the ball 7 times for 80 yards capped off by a 16-yard TD run by CJ Williams.  Four different players carried the ball on the drive.  Nichols hit the PAT and Navy leads Holy Cross, 17-0 with 7:29 remaining in the half.  Navy is outrushing Holy Cross 183-3 so far in the contest.

Holy Cross took advantage of the Navy turnover driving the ball to the Navy 6.  On a 4th-and-3, Derek Ng hit the right upright on a 23-yard FG attempt.  Navy dodged a bullet and took over at the 20 yard line.

Navy’s drive continues with the ball spotted at their own 43. On the first play of the second quarter, Perry was sacked and fumbled the ball and Holy Cross recovered at the Navy 33.

First Quarter

Navy began at their own 18 following the Holy Cross punt.  Tazh Maloy carried the ball 14 yards on his first carry of the game.  Perry followed with a 9 yard carry on a pass play that had no one open down field.

Holy Cross began moving the ball in their second drive, but Navy still forced another punt.  On the punt there was confusion with the Navy return team and they appeared to fumble the ball deep in their own territory.  However, there was an inadvertent whistle on the play along with a Navy personal foul.  Instead of having the ball on the Navy 28 yard line, the ball was placed at the Navy 48.  Holy Cross was unable to move the ball from there and were forced to punt again.

Navy had great field position to start their second drive.  A 30-yard Holy Cross punt gave the Mids the ball at their own 48 yard line. Navy drove to the Crusaders 27 yard line but was forced to attempt a field goal.  Bijan Nichols split the uprights on a 44-yard FG attempt giving the Midshipmen a 10-0 lead with 5:56 remaining in the first quarter.

The Midshipmen forced a three-and-out on Holy Cross’s first drive holding the Crusaders to negative three yards on the drive.

Navy drove 75 yards for a TD on their first possession of the game.  QB Malcolm Perry led the Midshipmen on a 9-play driver capped off by a four yard TD run by Nelson Smith.  Perry had a 12 yard carry on the drive and a 12-yard completion to Chance Warren, his first career reception.  Myles Fells had the play of the drive with a 51-yard run to the Holy Cross four yard line.  The Mids lead 7-0 early in the first quarter.

Holy Cross won the coin toss and deferred to the second half.


It’s going to be a warm afternoon for the home opener between Holy Cross and Navy.  The projected temperature at kickoff is to be 85 degrees with a real feel of 90.  The Mids open the 2019 season with four team captains - Nizaire Cromartie, Paul Carothers, Ford Higgins and Malcolm Perry.  This is the first time in 139 seasons of Navy football that the team will have four captains.

You will notice, if you watch the game, that the 27 yard line is marked in memory of Navy’s first Heisman Trophy winner, Joe Bellino who passed away in March.  Navy will also wear a helmet sticker in Bellino’s honor.

Joe Bellino Heisman sticker

The Brigade of Midshipmen