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1951 Topps Red and Blue Backs

1951 Topps Red and Blue Backs Pittsburgh Pirates

Sold two cards in a package with a piece of candy for 1¢, the Topps Blue Backs are considerably scarcer than their Red Back counterparts. The 2” by 2-5/8” cards carry a black-and-white photograph on a red, white, yellow and green background along with the player’s name and other information including their 1950 record on the front. The back is printed in blue on a white background. The 52-card set has varied baseball situations on them, making the playing of a rather elementary game of baseball possible. Although scarce, Blue Backs were printed on thick cardboard and have survived quite well over the years. Like the Blue Backs, the Topps Red Backs, which were sold at the same time, came two to a package for 1¢. Their black-and-white photographs appear on a red, white, blue and yellow background. The back printing is red on white. Their 2” by 2-5/8” size is the same as the Blue Backs. Also identical is the set size (52 cards) and the game situations to be found on the fronts of the cards, for use in playing a card game of baseball. Red Backs are more common than the Blue Backs by virtue of a 1980s discovery of a large hoard of unopened boxes. Red Backs are also known to have been sold in a plastic-bagged set along with a foldout paper game board for 29 cents.

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1951 Topps Blue Backs - PIRATES
16 Murry Dickson 

1951 Topps Red Backs - PIRATES
15 Ralph Kiner 
17 Dave Bell 
25 Cliff Chambers 
27 Wally Westlake 
33 William Werle 

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