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1934-1936 Diamond Stars

1934-1936 Diamond Stars Pittsburgh Pirates

Issued continuously from 1934 to 1936, the National Chicle Diamond Stars (R327) set consists of 108 cards, each of which measures 2-3/8” by 2-7/8”. Each item features a color art rendering of a player photograph, usually “in action,” along with his name. The precise year of issue is deciphered by player statistics printed on the reverse – which also display a biography or big league tip – which is printed on a green or blue background. The final 12 cards in the set are generally more difficult to obtain and feature the likes of Al Lopez (#97), Pie Traynor (#99), Bill Dickey (#103), Red Rolfe (#104), Ernie Lombardi (#105) and Wally Berger (#108). Variations exist of several players who were issued in more than one year but with different colored backs, including Mickey Cochraine, Bill Dickey, Tony Lazzeri, Heinie Manush and Paul Waner, resulting in a “master set” of 170 cards.

See the 1934-1936 Diamond Stars Pittsburgh Pirates

Card Values

Team Set Checklist

1934-36 Diamond Stars
16 Lloyd Waner
27 Pie Traynor
56 Gus Suhr
57 Cy Blanton
69 Earl Grace
83 Paul Waner
99 Pie Traynor 

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