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1887 N284 Buchner Gold Coins

1887 N284 Buchner Gold Coins Pittsburgh Alleghenys

Issued circa 1887, the N284 issue was produced by D. Buchner and Co. for its Gold Coin brand of chewing tobacco. Actually the series was not comprised only of baseball players – actors, jockeys, firemen, and policemen were included. The cards, which measure 1-3/4” by 3”, are color drawings. The set is not a popular one among collectors as the drawings do not in all cases represent the players designated on the cards. In most instances, players at a given position share the same drawing depicted on the card front. Three different card backs are found, all advertising collectors to save the valuable chewing tobacco wrappers. Wrappers could be redeemed for various prizes.

On April 30 The Pittsburgh Alleghenys play their first National League game, defeating the defending league champion Chicago White Stockings, 6-2, in front of nearly 10,000 fans at Recreation Park. Pittsburgh would go on to finish in sixth Place with a 55-69 record.

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1887 N284 Buchner Gold Coins
Sam Barkley 
Ed Beecher
Tom Brown
Fred Carroll 
John Coleman
Jim McCormick
Doggie Miller
Pap Smith
Art Whitney 

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