Sunday, April 28, 2013

West Virginia Power April 21 Week in Review

West Virginia finished the week 2-4.  The four losses were by a total of just six runs.  The Power are currently 9-15 on the season.  The Power are sitting in 6th place in South Atlantic League Northern Division, 5 games behind the Hickory Crawdads. 

This week the Power finishes up their road series with Savannah and then return home to face Greensboro and Greenville.

Team leaders -

Batting Average
Stetson Allie, .348
Walker Gourley, .329
Raul Fortunato, .289

Home Runs
Stetson Allie, 6
Eric Wood, 4
Josh Bell, 3

Josh Bell, 25
Stetson Allie, 21
Dillson Herrera, 13

Stolen Bases
Stetson Allie, 4
Dillson Herrera, 3
Raul Fortunato, 3
Jonathan Schwind, 3

Pat Ludwig, 2
Orlando Castro, 2

Orlando Castro, 1.67
Pat Ludwig, 2.03
Tyler Glasnow, 2.40


Ryan Hafner, 23
Orlando Castro, 22
Joely Rodriguez, 20

Josh Smith, 1
Bryton Trepagnier, 1

Orlando Castro, 0.89
Pat Ludwig, 1.13
Ryan Hafner, 1.24