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Navy 22 - Memphis 21 - Final

Fourth Quarter - 

6:46 - Navy picks up their first win of the year, 22-21 over visiting Memphis.  The rain is coming down harder as the team gathers in front of the Brigade for the alma mater.

6:42 - The Navy defense came up huge and forced a Brady White incomplete pass.  Navy takes over on their own 35 with 1:23 remaining.  Navy will win this one 22-21.

6:40 - Memphis takes a timeout with 1:33 left facing a 4th-and-4 on the Navy 34.

6:38 - Henderson carries the ball for 15 to the Navy 40.

6:37 - Brady White completes an 18 yard pass to Henderson.  He's brought down at the Memphis 45 with 2:26 remaining.  Navy captain, Sean Williams was injured on the play.

6:35 - Memphis will start their drive at their own 32 with 2:33 left in the game.  The rain is coming down and the crowd is getting loud.

6:31 - Zach Abey scores from 3 yards out.  Navy goes for the 2 point conversion and Abey was unsuccessful.  Navy now leads Memphis, 22-21.  It's time for the Navy defense to come up big again with 2:37 left in the game.

6:30 - Memphis takes a timeout with the ball at their 3 yard line.  Navy has a 2nd-and-goal with 2:40 left.

6:28 - Navy takes a timeout with the ball at the Memphis 4 yard line and 2:52 remaining in the game.  Navy trails Memphis 21-16.

6:28 - Anthony Gargiulo carries the ball to the Memphis 4.  1st-and-goal Navy.

6:27 - Perry carries the ball to the Memphis 10, a gain of 6.

6:26 - Zach Abey with the first down run to the Memphis 16.

6:24 - Navy takes a timeout as they face a 4th-and-1 at the Memphis 18 with 4:42 remaining in the game.

6:22 - Perry has carried the ball 6 times for 41 yards on this drive.  It's raining hard again.

6:21 - Perry is the workhorse on this Navy drive.  The Mids have the ball on the Memphis 37 with 7:30 left in the game.

6:15 - The Navy defense forces a Memphis 3-and-out and will have the ball with 9:28 left down by 5.

6:13 - Scott Strasemeier just announced that Bennett Moehring is now the Navy PAT leader with 113 career extra points.

6:09 - Malcolm Perry carried the ball for an amazing 19 yard TD run.  The PAT was good and the Mids cut the Memphis lead to 21-16 with 11:06 left in the game.  The Navy scoring drive was 2-27-0:45.

6:07 - Memphis fumbled at their own 27 yard line and Navy recovered.  This was the break that the Mids needed.

6:04 - Navy was unable to maintain their drive at the Memphis 46 and White punts the ball to the Tigers' 15.  Navy is down by 15 with 12:29.  The next drive will be a big one for the Navy defense.

Third Quarter - 

5:58 - The third quarter ends with Navy trailing Memphis, 21-9.  The Mids have the ball at their own 43 yard line.

5:56 - Malcolm Perry is back in the game at QB and he carries the ball for 8 yards.

5:54 - Henderson runs up the middle for 59 yards and another Memphis TD, his third of the game.  The Memphis scoring drive was 1-54-0:31.  With 1:19 left in the third quarter, Memphis leads Navy, 21-9.

5:52 - Lewis completed a 13-yard pass to Taylor Jackson for a Navy first down.  He then scrambled for a 12-yard gain.  On his next carry he fumbled and Memphis recovered at their own 46 with 1:50 left in the quarter.

5:50 - Garrett Lewis started the Navy drive at QB.  It's not apparent if Perry has an injury or if Navy is just looking for an offensive spark.

5:46 - The Navy defense comes up big and forces a Memphis punt.  The Midshipmen will take over at their own 25 with 4:27 remaining in the third quarter.

5:40 - Navy gains just one yard on their possession and punts the ball back to Memphis.  The Tigers take over on their own 32 with 5:29 remaining in the third quarter leading 14-9.  Navy has just 24 yards of offense in the third quarter.

5:33 - Memphis's Darrell Henderson carries the ball for 78 yards and a Memphis TD.  Following the PAT, Memphis leads Navy, 14-9.  The Tigers' scoring drive was 2-78-0:21.

5:28 - Perry reenters the game and carries the ball for no gain.  Navy is forced to punt.  White's punt travels 53 yards.  Memphis starts on their own 22 with 7:56 remaining in the third quarter.

5:27 - On the next play, Malcolm Perry carries the ball for 9 yards and then leaves the game with an injury.  Garrett Lewis enters the game at QB.  Today's announced attendance is 31,762.

5:25 - Navy tackle, Jake Hawk leaves the game with what appears to be an ankle injury.

5:20 - Navy's defense holds Memphis to a 3-and-out and Memphis punts the ball back to the Midshipmen.  Navy will take over a their own 16 with 11:45 remaining in the third quarter.

5:18 - Navy is held to a 3-and-out and is forced to punt.  Owen White's kick goes out of bounds at the Memphis 32.

5:14 - Memphis kicks off to Navy to start the second half.  The Midshipmen get the ball at their own 20.

Halftime - 

Navy's leaders -

Malcolm Perry - 17-17 1 TD

Zach Abey - 1-1-17

Malcolm Perry - 1-17

Sean Williams - 8 tackles

Memphis leaders -

Darrell Henderson - 7-54 1 TD

Brady White - 12-15-119 1 INT

John Williams - 4-42

Austin Hall, Tyrez Lindsey, and Tim Hart 5 tackles

Second Quarter - 

4:52 - Henderson carries the ball for 23 yards on a Memphis trick play on what appeared to be the final play of the half.  Henderson was forced out of bounds at midfield with 1 second remaining.  White's Hail Mary attempt was intercepted by Jarid Ryan to end the half.  Navy leads Memphis 9-7.

4:49 - Navy called a pass play but no one was open and Malcolm Perry kept the ball and rushed for a 7 yard TD.  Garrett Lewis, the PAT holder botched the snap and the PAT failed.  Navy leads Memphis 9-7 with 7 seconds remaining in the first half.

4:47 - Navy takes their final timeout facing a 3rd-and-goal at the Memphis 7 with 12 seconds remaining in the half.

4:43 - Navy takes their second timeout with 53 seconds remaining in the half.  The Mids have the ball on the Memphis 37 facing a 2nd-and-7.  On the ensuing play, Zach Abey takes a pitch and completes a 17-yard pass to QB Malcolm Perry.  A face mask penalty moves the ball to the Memphis 10.

4:42 - Navy began their drive at their own 25 yard line.  After carries by Perry and Mike Martin, the Mids have the ball in Memphis territory with around one minute remaining in the half.

4:35 - Darrell Henderson carries the ball for 2 yards and a Memphis TD.  The Memphis drive was 12-86 and 4:32.  With 4:01 remaining in the half, Memphis leads Navy, 7-3.  White completed 5 passes for 62 yards on the drive.

4:29 - Brady White completes a 23-yard pass to John Williams.  He follows that up with a 15 yard pass to Damonte Coxie.  The Tigers are driving with the ball at the Navy 23.

4:24 - Navy is unable to pick up another first down and are forced to punt from the Memphis 48.  The ball is downed at the 14 yard line where Memphis takes over with 8:33 remaining in the second quarter.

4:21 - Malcolm Perry carries the ball 22 yards on a tough run to the Memphis 46.  The carry doubled his yards rushing for the game.

4:17 - Navy forces a three-and-out.  Following the Memphis punt, the Mids take over on their own 26 yard line.

4:15 - Navy is forced to punt from their own 43.  Navy's coverage team does a great job preventing a return.  Memphis has the ball on their own 17 with 14:12 remaining the second quarter.

First Quarter - 
4:11 - The first quarter ends with Navy leading Memphis, 3-0.  The Mids have the ball with a 3rd-and-6 on their own 40 yard line.  Memphis has out-gained the Midshipmen, 66 yards to 55 yards.  Memphis has three fumbles and lost two of them in the game.

4:07 - Following a fumble by Brady White, he completes a 14-yard pass to Kenny Gainwell for 14 yards and Memphis first down.  White then completes a pass to Sean Dykes who then fumbles.  The Mids recover at their own 36 yard line with 14 seconds remaining in the first quarter.  That is Memphis's second turnover of the game.

4:01 - Navy's drive stalls at their own 38.  Owen White punts to the Memphis 15.  The Tigers return the ball to the 23 where Memphis takes over with 2:51 left in the first quarter.

3:59 - Malcolm Perry completes a 16-yard pass to CJ Williams.  Navy has the ball on their own 33.

3:54 - Following a 17 yard carry by Memphis RB Darrell Henderson, Navy LB Taylor Hefflin sacks Brady White for a 7 yard loss.  Two plays later Memphis punts and the Mids have the ball at their own 19 with 6:22 remaining in the first quarter.

3:49 - Navy's drive stalls at the Memphis 6 yard line.  Bennett Moehring kicks a 23 yard field goal.  Navy takes the lead, 3-0.  The Navy scoring drive was 12 plays for 32 yards and lasted 6:39.

3:47 - Tre Walker runs for 13 yards to the Memphis 3.

3:46 - Zach Abey with the keep for a Navy first down at the Memphis 16.

3:42 - Zach Abey is now in at QB and carries for 3 yards creating a 4th-and-1 for the Mids on the Memphis 17.  Navy calls their first timeout of the game.

3:41 - Malcolm Perry with back-to-back carries totaling 15 yards.  Navy ball on the Memphis 27.

3:38 - Memphis fumbles on their first play, a completed pass.  The Mids recover at the Memphis 38.

3:37 - The rain has really picked up right at kickoff.  Memphis will begin at their own 29 yard line.

3:34 - Memphis won the coin toss and elected to receive the opening kickoff.

Pregame - 

3:15 - The Brigade of Midshipmen are beginning their march into Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.

3:05 - Both teams are on the field completing their warm up activities.  The rain is continuing and not surprisingly, the crowd in the stadium is sparse.  There are easily more fans in the concourse than in seats at this point.

3:00 - I spoke to the ground security adviser from Team Fastrax and their jump is cancelled due to the rain.  I haven't heard officially, but I would guess the fly-over may be cancelled as well due to the weather.  There was some light rain a few hours before kickoff, but it has intensified in the last half hour..


This week in the American -

TCU 42 - SMU 12
Memphis at Navy
Arizona at Houston
Georgia Tech at USF
North Carolina at ECU
Buffalo at Temple
South Carolina State at UCF
Cincinnati vs. Miami, OH
Nicholls at Tulane
Tulsa at Texas
UConn at Boise State

Last week's results -

Hawaii 59 - Navy 41
UCF 56 - UConn 17
Wake Forest 23 - Tulane 17 (OT)
Houston 45 - Rice 27
Villanova 19 - Temple 17
USF 34 - Elon 14
Cincinnati 26 - UCLA 17
Memphis 66 - Mercer 14
Tulsa 38 - Central Arkansas 27
North Texas 46 - SMU 23

Image result for navy football

The Navy Midshipmen host the Memphis Tigers at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium at 3:30 PM.  Navy comes into the game with an 0-1 record after last week's loss at Hawaii, 59-41.  This will be the fourth meeting between these two schools and Navy holds a 2-1 advantage in the series that began in 2015.

The key for Navy this afternoon will be to control the football and the clock.  Malcolm Perry led the Navy ground game against Hawaii, rushing for 108 yards on 17 carries.  The Mids used a QB committee last week that included former starter Zach Abey and Garret Lewis.  Abey appears to be set as the short yardage candidate.  Against the Rainbow Warriors, he rushed for four TDs on 5 carries and gained 17 yards.  Lewis will be utilized in passing situations.  He came in to the Hawaii game late and was 5-9 for 66 yards.

Memphis beat Navy last year in Memphis, 30-27.  The Tigers come into this year's contest with a 1-0 record following a 66-14 win over Mercer last week.  QB Brady White threw for five first-half TDs in the win and finished with 358 yards through the air.  Memphis led 56-0 at halftime and finished with 752 yards in the game.  The Mids will need to minimize possessions for the Tigers to improve their chances at giving Head Coach Ken Niumatalolo his 10th home opener win since taking over the helm at Navy.  His lone loss is a 31-24 defeat at the hands of Rutgers in 2014.

Navy is often known as much about their pregame festivities as they are about the games.  The Brigade of Midshipmen will march on to the field at 3:11.  The National Anthem, always a little more meaningful at the academies will take place at 3:20.  Today's fly-over will be with four F/A-18F Super Hornets.  All four pilots are graduates of the Naval Academy.  A parachute jumper from Team Fastrax will jump with the American flag at 3:24, weather permitting.

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