Saturday, December 09, 2017

The 2017 Army-Navy Game Live Updates

Fourth Quarter - 

6:09 - Bennett Moehring just missed a 48 yard field goal to the left that gives Army their second consecutive win in the series and their first Commander-In-Chief’s Trophy since 1996.  The final score is Army 14, Navy 13.

6:06 - Perry had no gain on his run and Navy will attempt a 48 yard field goal to sin the game.

6:04 - Navy was charged with two false starts and now has 3rd and 16 at Army’s 31.  The two penalties also 

6:02 - Perry dropped the snap and then scrambled for a Navy first down to the Army 25.  He gained 12 on that busted play.

6:01 - When the teams return to the field following Navy’s timeout, Army returns the favor and we’re still waiting to see what Navy is going to do on 4th and 3.

5:58 - Navy has a 4th down and 3 and the Army 37 trailing by 1 and 2:05 left in the game.

5:56 - Perry looked to pass the ball then ran the ball for 13 yards and a Navy first down.

5:51 - Perry runs for 6 yards.  I think this drive will be the Malcolm Perry show.

5:48 - Army’s kickoff goes out of bounds and Navy will take over at their own 35 yard line.

5:45 - Today’s attendance was announced at 68,625.

5:43 - Ahmad Bradshaw scores from one yard out and Army leads Navy, 14-13 with 5:10 remaining in the game.

5:40 - Army’s last play that was ruled out at the 1 yard line is under review.  Army is driving to take the lead with 5:26 left in the game.  Navy leads 13-7.

5:38 - 1st and goal Army at the Navy 9.

5:36 - Army is methodically running the ball down the field and has the ball on the Navy 19.  

5:33 - Bradshaw then carries again, this time for 9 yards to the Navy 32.

5:32 - Bradshaw carries the ball 12 yards to the 46.  He follows that carry up with another 12 yard carry to the Navy 41.

5:28 - Navy faced a 3 and out and punted to the Army 35.

5:22 - Army missed a 35 yard field goal attempt.  Navy takes over at their own 20 yard line.

5:20 - The quarter ending gives Army some time to clear the snow away from where the ball will be placed in their 35 yard FG attempt.

Third Quarter - 

5:17 - The third quarter ends as Army is facing a 4th and 15 on the Navy 17 yard line.  Navy leads 13-7 with one quarter remaining.

5:14 - Army is facing a 3rd and 13 on the Navy 15 yard line with 0:41 left in the third quarter.

5:11 - Army has the ball on the Navy 12.

5:07 - Bradshaw carries the ball 21 yards to the Navy 34.

5:06 - Army’s Ahmad Bradshaw completed a 20 yard pass to Calen Holt.  This was Army’s first pass attempt in the game.

4:57 - Bennett Moehring kicked a 24 yard FG to give Navy a 13-7 lead with 9:16 left in the third quarter.  Navy’s scoring drive was 9-71-5:44.  Malcolm Perry went over 1000 yards rushing for the year on that drive.  Navy has two QBs with 1000 yard seasons this year.

4:56 - Navy has a 4th and 5 at the Army 6.  

4:54 - Perry breaks off a 46 yard run before being tripped up at the Army 11.

4:51 - Perry carries the ball for 9 yards on Navy’s first play to pick up where he left off in the first half.

4:50 - Navy returns the kickoff to their own 23 yard line.

4:49 - Navy is prepared to receive the kickoff to start the second half.

Halftime - 

4:48 - Both teams are back on the field preparing for the second half.  It appears that 75% of the crowd must be in the concourse or left the game to continue tailgating.  The game is much to close to leave yet.

Navy Notes - 

Malcolm Perry has 146 yards on 15 carries including a 68 yard TD run in the first half.  

Navy has completed 1 of 2 passes for 2 yards.  Malcolm Perry caught that pass.

Owen White has 2 punts averaging 35.5 yards.

DJ Palmore and Hudson Sullivan lead the Navy defense with 6 tackles each.

Army Notes - 

Kell Walker and Darnell Woolfolk have 40 and 39 yards rushing respectively.  Ahmad Bradshaw has the team’s only rushing TD.

Army has not attempted a pass in the game.

Nick Schrage has 3 punts averaging 31.7 yards.

Cole Christiansen and James Nachtigal each have 6 tackles for Army.

Comparisons - 

Navy has outgained Army 170-109

Navy has 7 first downs, Army has 6

Navy leads the time of possession battle, 15:36-14:24

Army is 1-5 on 3rd down conversions, Navy is 1-6

Both teams are 1-1 on 4th down conversions

Each team has 1 penalty - Navy for 10 yards and Army for 5 yards

Second Quarter - 

4:29 - Army carries the ball one time and time expires with Navy leading Army at the half, 10-7.

4:27 - Navy punts on fourth down and the ball rolls just across the goal line with 9 seconds remaining.  Army gets the ball at their 20 yard line.

4:25 - Navy takes a timeout with 0:16 seconds left in the half facing a 4th and 2 on the Army 45.

4:23 - On a 4th down, Navy gets Army to jump offsides for a first down.

4:20 - Chris High has 4 carries in the game for Navy today.  Anthony Gargiulo doesn’t have a carry yet.

4:19 - Perry carries again for 9 on Navy’s first play of the drive.  Perry has 139 yards rushing in the game.

4:18 - Army punts on their second consecutive drive.  The ball goes out of bounds at the Navy 20 with 5:22 remaining in the half.

4:16 - Darnell Wolfolk carries the ball 10 yards for Army to the 47.

4:11 - On third down, Navy attempted a trick pass from Craig Scott to Malcolm Perry that fell incomplete.  Navy was forced to punt and the ball was downed at the Army 37.

4:06 - Zach Abey back in at QB for Navy and Perry moves to the slot back position.

4:03 - Navy forces a three and out for Army.  The punt is fair caught at the Navy 33.

4:01 - Army has a first and ten from their 20 yard line.

3:56 - Malcolm Perry breaks a 68 yard TD run to give Navy a 10-7 lead over the Black Knights.  Navy’s scoring drive was 3-74-1:32.  Perry has 130 yards on 11 carries so far in today’s game.  The TD was Perry’s 9th of the season.

3:53 - The 8 members of the field crew operating snow blowers during timeouts deserve some kind of award for their efforts today.

3:50 - Army is forced to punt on their second series.  The punt travels 26 yards to the Navy 26 where Navy will take over.

First Quarter - 

3:44 - That’s the end of the first quarter and Army leads Navy, 7-0 as the snow continues to fall here in Philadelphia. 

3:42 - Navy’s kickoff goes into the end zone and Army will start at their own 25.

3:37 - Bennett Moehring kicked a 28 yard field goal for Navy and Army now leads the Mids, 7-3 with 0:55 seconds left in the quarter.

3:35 - Navy is facing another 4th down at the Army 10.  The Mids take a timeout with 0:59 remaining in the quarter.  With all the running, this game is going very quickly.

3:32 - QB Zach Abey converts a 4th and 1 at the Army 20.  Perry comes back in at QB and carries the ball for 4 yards to the Army 15.

3:31 - Josh Walker takes the first non-Perry carry for 5 yards.

3:30 - Perry carries the ball again, this time for 19 yards to the Army 29.

3:29 - Malcolm Perry takes the first four carries for the Mids for 27 yards.

3:27 - Army kicks off to Navy and the Midshipmen will start on their won 25 yard line.  Malcolm Perry starts at QB for Navy.  He gains 9 yards on his first carry.

3:22 - Darnell Wolfolk carries the ball 3 yards for an Army TD.  Blake Wilson’s PAT is good and Army leads Navy 7-0 with 8:06 remaining in the first quarter.  Army’s scoring drive was 11 plays for 68 yards and the time of possession was 6:54.  The TD was Wilson’s 12th rushing TD this season.

3:21 - Walker carries the ball for an Army first down to the Navy 3 yard line.

3:21 - Army has a 4th and 1 on the Navy 5 yardline.

3:17 - Kell Walker carries the ball 33 yards for Army to the Navy 25 yard line.

3:15 - Surprisingly, Army runs on their first play for six yards.

3:14 - Bennett Moehring kicks off for the Midshipmen and Army will start at their own 32.

3:11 - The snow blowers are on the field making the yardlines as visible as possible in this weather.

Pregame - 

3:08 - The teams have taken the field and we’re about 2 minutes from kickoff

3:04 - Secretary of State Tillerson flipped the coin.  Navy won the toss and deferred to the second half.  Army will get the ball first.

3:02 - With today’s poor weather conditions, the Golden Knights and Navy Leap Frogs will not be parachuting into the stadium.

2:56 - The teams are in their respective locker rooms and they are preparing for the invocation and National Anthem.

2:24 - Both teams are on the field for pregame warmups on a snowy Saturday afternoon.  The special uniforms for today’s game look awesome for both teams.

2:20 - Army and Navy face each other for the 118th time today at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.  The winner of today’s game will win the Commander-In-Chief’s trophy that is awarded to the service academy that wins the round robin competition during the year.  Navy beat Air Force in a 48-45 thriller in Annapolis on October 7.  Army defeated the Falcons 21-0 in Colorado Springs on November 4.