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1927 W560

1927 W560 Pittsburgh Pirates

Unlike many of its contemporaries, the 1927 W560 Baseball set, as designated by the American Card Catalog, is not a strip card set, though many exist on uncut sheets of 16 cards each. The set consists of 64 cards measuring 1-3/4” by 2-3/4” and appear in the form of a deck of cards presenting 49 baseball players images amidst a centered suit like hearts, clubs, diamonds or spades. Each card displays the face value, i.e. Ace, King, Queen, Ten, etc., and are printed in the color of the specific suit, black or red. The 64-card blank-backed set is unnumbered, other than the playing card numbers, and includes aviators and other athletes, but focuses specifically on baseball. 

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1927 W560 - PIRATES
Club-9 Remy Kremer  
Diamond-3 Paul Waner  
Diamond-Queen Lloyd Waner  
Spade-Ace Glen Wright  

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