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1971 Kellogg's

1971 Kellogg's Pittsburgh Pirates

The 1971 Kellogg’s set consists of 60 cards, each one 2-1/4” by 3-1/2”. The 1971 series built on the success of the cereal maker’s baseball card set introduced the prior year. Cards were available as only single issues in select brands of cereal. These plastic-coated collectibles were designed to simulate a “3-D” appearance, and each displayed a vivid color likeness of a player with a star design at the corner that identified his surname and position. The design was framed in blue with white spots. Card backs have a horizontal design that includes the player’s name and statistical data. Several pieces in the collection were originally printed with statistical errors that were later corrected, though there is little difference in value between the two versions. All of the cards in this set are found with and without a year printed on the back in the lower left corner; the version without carries a slight premium. Cards in their original plastic wrapper are also slightly more valuable. Because there was no mail-in offer for a complete set (unlike the prior year), the 1971 Kellogg’s set can be a challenge to assemble.

Baseball Almanac

Team Set Checklist

1971 Kellogg’s - PIRATES
4A Bob Robertson 94 RBI 
4B Bob Robertson 95 RBI 
5 Roberto Clemente 
13 Manny Sanguillen 
53A Matty Alou 273 RBI 
53B Matty Alou 274 RBI 
68 Willie Stargell 

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