Monday, March 24, 2014

Update from Navy Football Player, Will McKamey's Family

To the thousands of you out there worrying and praying...we send our most sincere thanks! Today Will's condition is very much the same as yesterday. We are counting this as a blessing due to the fact that the brain is very slow in the healing process. We are in for a long road. Please understand that "no change" is still expected and seen as a blessing at this point. We are taking it day at a time. I will be working on a caring bridge site to help keep everyone informed as much as possible.

One thing I want you all to know is that Will did not sustain a bad hit or unusual or extreme contact in practice Saturday. The Navy coaches have poured through the films of practice and seen nothing more than Will carrying the football normally, doing what he truly loves. Since his prior accident in 2012 Will has been seen by four different neurosurgeons, and had 4-6 CAT scans and MRI's to rule out any issue and clear him for contact. After his prior incident he went without any contact for over nine months to just be safe. We feel obviously there is more going on in his brain than we could have ever detected. I want to be clear that the Navy football program nor us as his parents would have ever allowed him to be in a dangerous situation. We don't know why this happened, we can only have faith that God's plan is the perfect plan and only He can be the ultimate healer and source of comfort for all of us during this time! 

Please continue to pray for our son, please know we are still overcome and amazed at the power William Dean McKamey has over our world through the hands of God!