Sunday, April 14, 2013

Indianapolis Indians Week in Review

Indianapolis opened the 2013 season by splitting a four-game set against Columbus.  The Indians lost games one and two, but bounced back with nice wins in the final two games of the series.  Those wins carried over to a three-game sweep of visiting Toledo.  Indy traveled to Columbus on Thursday, but that game was postponed.  The Indians again dropped games one and two, but bounced back to win game three.  Indianapolis is in first place of the International League Western Division.

This week the Indians look to tie the series with Columbus before traveling to Toledo on Monday to face the Mud Hens again.  They then travel to Louisville for a five-game stint against the Bats.

Team leaders -

Batting Average
Alex Presley, .357
Jared Goedart, .321

Home Runs
Jordy Mercer, 1
Jared Goedart, 1
Alex Presley, 1

Jordy Mercer, 7
Jared Goedart, 4

Stolen Bases
Jordy Mercer, 2
Darren Ford, 2

Ryan Reid, 2
Four with 1

Vin Mazzaro, 0.00
Duke Welker, 0.00
Ryan Reid, 1.17

Vin Mazzaro, 9
Kris Johnson, 8
Ryan Reid, 8