Saturday, September 15, 2012

Navy at Penn State - 3rd Quarter

Navy started off the second half with some trickery.  Trey Miller pitched the ball to Casey Bolena who then threw a 33-yard pass to Shawn Lynch to the Penn State 42.  Navy's drive stalled on a fourth down fumble by Miller.

Penn State was forced to punt for the first time on their first drive of the second half.

Navy picked up a big fourth down conversion when John Howell ran for 18 yards to the Penn State 39 yard line.  Fullback Prentice Christian picked up another fourth down conversion with a 5-yard run to the Penn State 29.  The drive stalled with 4:07 left on the clock.  Navy was attempting their third fourth down conversion of the drive when Miller was called for intentional grounding on the Navy 44.

Penn State handed off three straight times to Michael Zordich and drove to the Navy 25.  On the next play, Matt McGloin's pass was tipped into the arms of Alan Robinson who caught his third TD of the game.

Keenan Reynolds took over the reigns at QB for Navy on their next drive.  The fourth down conversion attempts continued on their next drive.  Reynolds converted a fourth and one on the Navy 31.  Reynolds then broke off a 30 yard run and the quarter ended with Penn State leading 27-0.