Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pittsburgh Steelers Draft Review

1 - Maurkice Pouncey, C, Florida (6-4, 304); 2 - Jason Worilds, OLB, Virginia Tech (6-1, 254); 3 - Emmanuel Sanders, WR, SMU (5-11, 186); 4 - Thaddeus Gibson, OLB, Ohio State (6-2, 243); 5 - Chris Scott, OL, Tennessee (6-5, 319); 5 - Crezdon Butler, CB, Clemson (6-0, 191); 5 - Steven Sylvester, LB, Utah (6-3, 231); 6 - Jonathan Dwyer, RB, Georgia Tech (5-11, 229); 6 - Antonio Brown, WR, Central Michigan (5-10, 186); 7 - Doug Worthington, DT, Ohio State (6-5, 292)

Analysis: Finally, the Steelers take the first-round o-lineman they've needed for years. Pouncey can play guard, but don't be surprised to see him unseat Justin Hartwig and start at center immediately. The Worilds pick was a surprise, both because the Steelers seemed to be set at OLB and because there were a couple of OLBs rated above the Virginia Tech standout on several boards. The third-round pick Sanders isn't a huge guy and won't have a Santonio Holmes- like impact, but caught a ton of balls at SMU and has a chance to be involved in the slot. Gibson and Sylvester were similar picks to Worilds but will have to prove their abilities on special teams. Scott was likely selected in the fifth-round due to his ability to play guard and tackle. It was surprising that the Steelers waited until the fifth-round to take a corner, and Butler is a solid player who will nonetheless make no one forget about Rod Woodson. Dwyer was originally a first-round prospect who saw his stock plummet due to a lack of versatility and questionable work ethic. Brown offers some value as a return man. Pittsburgh pulled off a trade with Arizona to re-acquire prodigal corner Bryant McFadden, but let's remember that McFadden wasn't the most consistent CB on earth during his first tour with the team.

Bottom Line: Early picks of Pouncey and Sanders made sense, but all the outside linebackers - at the expense of a decent young corner - did not.

Grade: B-

By Tony Moss, NFL Editor

(Sports Network)

Monday, April 05, 2010

McNabb to the Redskins

Imagine that: D.C.'s indecisive. This squabble's not over health care or future high court nominees, but the acquisition of Donovan McNabb.

Judging from columns, comments and polls, some Redskins fans love the trade, while others have grown weary of the franchise's history of flopping with aging stars.

The veteran Eagles QB was traded to Washington for a second-round pick this year, and a third- or fourth-rounder next year, and here's what they're saying in D.C.:


Do you approve of the Donovan McNabb trade?

Yes, good move by Redskins: 56% (2152 votes)

Thumbs down: 17% (668)

I'm too stunned to react: 15% (578)

Let's just wait and see: 12% (451)

Fans, (with original spelling):

icwash: "Finanlly a real QB coming to Washington. Campbell be gone."

hrb75: "we were robbed"

martresse21: "I love the move. This was a steal. We will draft [Oklahoma State tackle Russell] Okung 4th overall and protect Mcnabb."

TexSkins: "I love this trade. Skins upgrade one of their weaknesses and the Eagles lose their leader. McNabb also has the inside track on the Eagles. I hope we hold onto Campbell just in case McNabb gets injured."

lundermann: "Please!!!!!!!! Anyone else that is against this trade please join my facebook group to show the Redskins your disaproval. Enough supporters could go a long way. WE DONT WANT DONOVAN MCNABB AS OUR QUARTERBACK!!!!!!!!!"

Mike Wise, Washington Post: "Before everyone congratulates the new brain trust for essentially doing what the old brain trust did - procure some other town's star instead of developing your own - answer two questions as thoughtfully and honestly as possible: Does anyone believe the Washington Redskins are poised to win the Super Bowl next season? What about 2012? "No and no. If you agree with that assessment and do not live in denial or Ashburn, any well-argued case for acquiring McNabb just went out the window. . . .

"The truth: Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles know Donovan McNabb better than anyone. And they were inexplicably okay with moving him to another team in their own division."

Michael Wilbon, Washington Post: "McNabb, it seems to me, will benefit from the change in scenery. . . . McNabb, at 33, isn't a long-term solution, but these days the smart teams play to win now, which is why the Jets and Vikings took a shot with old man Brett Favre, 40. Look at the success Warner had with the Cardinals."

"Two of my close, close friends are from Philly and they were inconsolable Sunday night, as I suspect lots of Eagles fans will be, many of them who booed and cursed McNabb over the years."

"He's dealt with injury, the harshest criticism imaginable, idiot teammates such as Terrell Owens, roiled up locker rooms. He's watched his team draft his replacement, taken the field with few if any Pro Bowl-caliber weapons. He's shrugged off controversies involving race that were none of his doing. Yet, McNabb has always been able to speak his mind, keep his dignity and keep his team in Super Bowl contention."

Matt Ford, blogging for "The reaction from many fans I've talked to has been split. Some believe the Redskins pulled a Sonny Jurgensen-esque move by getting another franchise QB from the Eagles. Some believe the Redskins just threw away 2 draft picks for an aging player. But I'm here to argue that this was an absolutely amazing move for the franchise and makes them a better team immediately."

Fans, D.C. Sports blog, Washington Post:

tunney: "I just hope they don't rework his deal and give a 33-year old injury-prone QB a rich long term deal. Guess we won't be drafting a QB in the draft."

bbachrac: "the more i think about this the more I like it. We have a proven guy who can win in the clutch. Now we can get a 1st round pick for campbell. This is definately a win-now strategy tho, two years down the line this trade could bite us in the . . ."

GiantsFan1: "If the Skins get a first rounder for Campbell, they should erect a platinum statue of [GM] Bruce Allen on the Capitol Mall!!!!"

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