Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Battle for the Commander-in-Chief's Trophy - 2017

The CIC Trophy has been awarded to the winner of the football competition between Army, Navy, and Air Force since 1972.  When no clear cut winner prevails in a particular season, last year's winner retains the trophy for another year.  This scenario has played out four times - 1974, 1976, 1980, and 1993.  Navy has won the prestigious award 18 times including 10 of the past 14 years.  Air Force has taken the trophy home to Colorado Springs 21 times including winning the award 13 of 14 seasons between 1989 and 2002.  Army has earned the award six times with the last time in 1996.

With Army and Navy both defeating Air Force this season, the Army-Navy game on December 9 will decide the CIC winner.  The last time the Army-Navy game decided the CIC winner was 2012 when the Mids knocked off the Black Knights, 17-13.

This season's CIC head-to-head matchups take place in October, November, and December.

  • October 7 - Navy 48, Air Force 45
  • November 4 - Army 21, Air Force 0
  • December 9 - Army vs. Navy in Philadelphia

Navy (6-4)

9/1 - at Florida Atlantic - W, 42-19
9/9 - Tulane - W, 23-21
9/23 - Cincinnati - W, 42-32
9/30 - at Tulsa - W, 31-21
10/7 - Air Force, W, 48-45
10/14 - at Memphis - L, 30-27
10/21 - UCF - L, 31-21
11/2 - at Temple - L, 34-26
11/11 - SMU - W, 43-40 (Navy becomes bowl eligible)
11/24 - at Notre Dame - L, 24-17
12/2 - at Houston - L, 24-21
12/9 - Army
12/28 - Virginia (Military Bowl)

Army (7-3)

9/1 - Fordham - W, 64-6
9/9 - Buffalo - W, 21-17
9/16 - at Ohio State - L, 38-7
9/23 - at Tulane - L, 21-17
9/30 - UTEP - W, 35-21
10/7 - at Rice - W, 49-12
10/14 - Eastern Michigan - W, 28-27
10/21 - Temple - W, 31-28 OT (Army becomes bowl eligible)
11/4 - at Air Force - W, 21-0
11/11 - Duke - W, 21-16
11/18 - at North Texas - L, 52-49
12/9 - Navy
12/23 - San Diego State (Armed Forces Bowl)

Air Force (4-7)

9/2 - VMI - W, 62-0
9/16 - at Michigan - L, 29-13
9/23 - San Diego State - L, 28-24
9/30 - at New Mexico - L, 56-38
10/7 - at Navy - L, 48-45
10/14 - UNLV - W, 34-30
10/20 - at Nevada - W, 45-42
10/28 - at Colorado State - W, 45-28
11/4 - Army - L, 21-0
11/11 - Wyoming - L, 28-14
11/18 - at Boise State - L, 44-19
11/25 - Utah State - W, 38-35

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Navy 43 - SMU 40 - Final

4th quarter - 

7:09 - JR Osborn kicks an 18 yard FG as time expires to give Navy a 43-40 win over SMU. Navy’s scoring drive was 10-78-3:32.  The Midshipmen are now bowl eligible.

7:07 - Owen White will attempt the game winning field goal with 11 seconds.

7:01 - Gargiulo carries the ball again, this time 29 yards to the SMU 9.  Navy has a chance with 1:35 left in the game.  Gargiulo has 145 yards rushing in the game, his first career 100-yard game.

7:00 - Gargiulo carries the ball 21 yards to the SMU 38.

6:58 - SMU takes a timeout following a five yard loss on Navy’s last play.  The Mids have 2-15 on their own 27 with 2:36 left.

6:56 - Malcolm Perry is injured on the play and Garret Lewis is warming up on the sideline.  It doesn’t appear Perry will be back in the game.

6:54 - Navy returns the ball to their own 21 where they start 1st and 10.

6:48 - Hicks completes a 26 yard pass to Quinn down to the Navy 40 yard line.  Hicks then completes a 29 yard TD pass to Courtland.  The 2-point conversion was good, from Hicks to Quinn.  The score is now knotted at 40 with 3:32 left in the game.  The SMU scoring drive was 5-75-1:08.

6:44 - Navy is stopped again on 4th down and SMU takes over at their own 29 with 4:40 left in the game.  The Mids lead the Mustangs, 40-32.

6:39 - Navy has driven the ball into SMU territory on the ground.  The Mids have the ball at the SMU 33.

6:30 - SMU is forced to punt the back to Navy.  The Mids start at their own 27 following the 30-yard punt.

6:27 - Navy was held on a 4th down play at the SMU 45.  Navy was 3 for 3 prior to this attempt.  SMU takes over at their own 45 yard line trailing by 8 with 12:25 remaining in the game.

6:24 - Josh Brown carries the ball 15 yards for a Navy first down.

3rd quarter - 

6:19 - At the end of the 3rd quarter Navy leads SME, 40-32.

6:17 - The kickoff goes into the end zone and Navy starts at their own 25.

6:14 - Hicks completes a 17 yard TD pass to Proche.  There was a roughing the QB call that will be enforced on the kickoff.  SMU cuts into Navy’s lead, 40-32 with 1:21 left in the third quarter.

6:10 - Sean Williams is injured on a play that he is called for targeting.  He is helped off the field and ejected from the game.  He will be ineligible during the first half against Notre Dame.  SMU has the ball on the Navy 18.

6:04 - Perry scores from 1 yard out.  The 2 point attempt was no good.  The TD was Perry’s 4th of the game.  With 3:14 left in the 3rd quarter, Navy leads SMU 4-25.  Navy’s scoring drive was 7-60-4:05.

6:01 - Navy converts a 4th and 8 with a 24 yard run by Malcolm Perry to the SMU 5 yard line.  1st and goal Mids.

5:57 - Perry runs the ball 14 yards to the SMU 31.  Perry now has 211 rushing yards in the game.

5:56 - There were two penalties on the kickoff.  Navy will start at the SMU 45.

5:51 - Jones scores from 3 yards out.  With 7:19 remaining in the 3rd quarter, Navy leads SMU 34-25.  SMU’s scoring drive was 6-70-2:15.

5:49 - Hicks completes a 49 yard pass to Sutton down to the Navy 13.

5:45 - Navy is forced to punt following a 3 and out.  The 37 yard punt was downed on the SMU 30.

5:43 - Navy takes the kickoff to their own 28.

5:39 - Hicks completes a 14 yard TD pass to Courtland Sutton.  SMU cuts into Navy’s lead 34-18 with 11:37 remaining in the third quarter.  SMU’s scoring drive was 9-77-3:23.

5:37 - Hicks completes a 19 yard pass to Quinn to the Navy 33.

5:33 - SMU has driven the ball to their own 48 yard line. 

Halftime - 

Navy has performed in the first half like Navy fans expect.  Coach Niumatalolo and his staff seem to have the ship moving in the right direction following three straight losses.  The Mids have a nearly 6 minute time of possession advantage in the first half.

The Mids have 357 yards rushing in the first half.  They are averaging 346 yards per game - 2nd best in the nation.

The defense has given up only 77 total yards and forced 2 turnovers in the first half.  SMU had only 7 turnovers coming into the game.

Some first half stats worth noting - 

QB Malcolm Perry has 197 yards rushing on 15 carries along with 3 TDs.  This includes a 92 yard TD run that is the second longest in school history and a Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium record.  Ironically, Perry had a 91 yard TD run earlier in the season.

Fullbacks Anthony Gargiulo and Chris High have a combined 10 carries for 96 yards.

Micah Thomas has 3 tackles, .5 sacks, and an INT in the first half.

Owen White has 1 punt for 49 yards.
2nd Quarter - 

5:07 - The half ends with Navy leading SMU, 34-11.

5:00 - Brandon Colon takes a reverse and runs 26 yards to the SMU 2,  Chris High takes the next play into the end zone to give Navy a 34-11 lead with 0:19 left in the half.  The Mids scoring drive was 8-52-3:16.

4:53 - SMU is forced to punt from their own 21.  The ball is downed at the Navy 48 yard line with 3:35 left in the first half.

4:49 - Malcolm Perry carries the ball 92 yards for a Navy TD.  With 5:02 remaining in the half, Navy leads SMU 27-11.  Navy’s scoring drive was 1-92-0:13.  Perry’s 92 yard TD run is a stadium record and the second longest in school history.  Perry had a 91 yard TD run earlier in the season.

4:46 - Juan Haley made a huge hit on an open SMU receiver allowing the pass to be intercepted by Winn Howard.  Navy ball on their own 8.  SMU has 2 turnovers in the game and have only 7 turnovers coming into the game.

4:45 - Perry fumbles the snap and SMU recovers at the Navy 35.

4:42 - Hicks completes an 19 yard TD pass to Quinn.  The PAT was no good.  With 6:39 remaining in the half, Navy leads SMU 20-11.  SMU’s scoring drive was 6-76-2:45.

4:40 - Ben Hicks completes a 27 yard pass to James Proche.  On the next play Jones carries the ball 32 yards to the Navy 18. 

4:34 - Malcolm Perry with a 24 yard TD run to give Navy a 20-5 lead with 9:24 remaining in the half.  Navy’s scoring drive was 3-61-1:06.

4:32 - SMU has two personal fouls on the same play.  That hurts.  Navy has the ball 1st and 10 at the SMU 27 after the 30 yard walkoff by the officials.

4:28 - On a 3rd and 10, Josh Webb sacks Hicks and forces an SMU punt.  The 42 yard punt is downed at the Navy 39.

4:22 - Navy punts to the SMU 27 with 12:13 remaining in the half.

4:16 - On SMU’s next play Micah Thomas picks off an SMU trick play.  Navy has the ball on their own 16, 1st and 10.  Right now these two offenses are playing pitch and catch with the defenses.

4:10 - SMU has a 44 yard field goal blocked by DJ Palmore.  On Navy’s first play following the block, Malcolm Perry has his pass intercepted.  SMU takes over 1st and 10 at the Navy 34.

1st Quarter - 

4:06 - At the end of the 1st quarter, Navy leads SMU 13-5.

4:04 - on a 4th down play, Xavier Jones carries the ball 21 yards to the Navy 32 yard line.

4:02 - SMU returns the kickoff to their own 38 where they start 1st and 10.

3:57 - Perry calls his own number and scores from 3 yards out.  Navy’s PAT was blocked and SMU returns the ball gets 2 points.  With 2:35 left in the quarter, Navy leads SMU 13-5.  Navy’s scoring drive was 8-92-4:45.

3:56 - Perry carries the ball 19 yards to the SMU 3 yard line.

3:55 - Malcolm Perry carries the ball 20 yards to the SMU 23.

3:53 - Anthony Gargiulo carries the ball 44 yards in a third down play to the SMU 45.

3:51 - Navy had a personal foul on an illegal block on the return.  Navy starts at their own 8 yard line.

3:47 - Josh Williams converts a 44 yard FG.  With 7:20 remainingin the 1st quarter, Navy leads SMU, 7-3.  The SMU scoring drive was 9-42-2:21.

3:45 - SMU QB Ben Hicks completes a 12 yard pass to Troy Quin.  On the next play, Xavier Jones carries the ball 15 yards.  Hicks then completes a 10 yard pass to Cortland Sutton.  SMU has the ball at the Navy 27.

3:43 - SMU starts their opening drive at their own 31 yard line.

3:38 - On a 4th and 1, Josh Brown carries the ball 22 yards to the SMU 2.  On the next play, FB Anthony Gargiulo runs it in for a Navy TD.  With 9:41 remaining in the first quarter, Navy leads SMU, 7-0.  Navy’s scoring drive was 10-73-5:19.

3:36 - Navy is running the ball down the field and facing a 2nd and 8 on the SMU 32 yard line.  The fullbacks are getting a lot of work on this drive.

3:32 - Navy starts the game at their own 32 following Reggie Hayes’ 26 yard kickoff return.  Malcolm Perry will get the start at quarterback today for Navy.

Pregame - 

3:30 - Both teams are on the field and we are preparing for the kickoff.  Navy won the coin toss and elected to receive.

3:22 - The Navy seniors are making their way onto the field with their families.

3:20 - Two MV-22 Ospreys just completed the flyover following the National Anthem.

3:09 - The Brigade of Midshipmen have begun marching onto the field in one of the best traditions in college foootball.

3:02 - It’s a cold day here in Annapolis.  The temperature is 39 degrees.  It’s currently 67 degrees in Dallas.  We’ll have to wait and see if the cold temperatures have any impact in today’s game.

2:40 - Today’s game could be key in Navy receiving a bowl bid.  If the Mids should lose today, they travel to Notre Dame and then Houston.  Their next best chance for a win would be in the Army-Navy game and that won’t be an easy victory their either.

1:45 - Both teams have arrived at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium and are slowly making their way to the field for warm-ups.

Preview - 

Today is Senior Day at Navy.  The Midshipmen will honor 34 seniors in a pregame ceremony before they play their final home game at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium against visiting Southern Methodist University.

Navy comes into the game with a 5-3 record looking to become bowl eligible.  The Mids won their first five games of the season before dropping their last three.  The Mustangs come into the game with a 6-3 record, winning four of their last six games.

The Midshipmen boast the nation’s second best running attack, averaging 346.1 yards per game.  Navy is led by QB Zach Abey who leads the team in rushing (233-1202-13 TDs) and passing (25-60-717 6 TDs).  Sophomore Malcolm Perry is the second leading rusher and receiver for the Mids.  Perry has 3 rushing and 2 receiving TDs this season.  The team’s leading receiver is Tyler Carmona with 12 catches and 4 TDs.  Sean Williams and Micah Thomas lead the defense with 57 and 52 tackles respectively.

SMU brings the countries 13th best passing game to Annapolis.  The Mustangs average 315.8 yards per game through the air and 505 yards per game of total offense, good for 10th in the country.  Navy’s defense will be tested all day to contain the SMU offense.  The Mustangs are led by QB, Ben Hicks.  Hicks has thrown for 2588 yards and 20 TDs this season.  Xavier Jones leads the running attack with 700 yards and 6 TDs on the ground.  Hicks’ top target is Trey Quinn who has 90 receptions and 7 TDs.  SMU takes care of the football with only 7 turnovers this season.  Navy has turned the ball over an uncharacteristic 15 times.