Saturday, October 22, 2016

Final - Navy 42 - Memphis 28

7:04 - The game ends - Navy knocks off Memphis, 42-28 to remain undefeated in the AAC West.

6:59 - Memphis is moving the ball down the field on the arm of Riley Ferguson. Memphis has the ball on the Navy 38 down 14 points.

6:54 - Worth punches it in from 1 yard out.  With 2:01 remaining in the game, Navy leads 42-28. Worth now has 3 TD runs in the game to go along with his 2 passing TDs.

6:52 - Memphis takes their final timeout following Will Worth's 7 yard gain to the Memphis 1 yard line. There is 2:04 left on the clock.

6:51 - Memphis calls their second timeout with 2:12 left in the game.  Navy has the ball on the Memphis 8.

6:50 - Will Worth carries the ball 27 yards to the Memphis 9. Worth has 192 yards on the ground today.

6:47 - Memphis completed an 8-yard pass to Proctor. Elijah Merchant forced a fumble that was recovered by Tyler Sayles.  Navy ball at the Memphis 43.

6:45 - Memphis converts on a fourth down play completing a 7-yard pass and keeping their drive alive.  Memphis has the ball on their own 33 with 4:16 left in the game.

6:41 - Bennett Moehring attempted a 32-yard field goal and hit the upright giving Memphis the ball on their own 20 with 5:40 remaining in the game. Navy has 404 rushing yards in today's game.

6:39 - Navy takes a timeout facing a 4th-and-1 on the Memphis 15 yard line.

6:37 - Worth completes a 52-yard pass to Bonner to the Memphis 24.

6:35 - Today's announced attendance is 35,943 - a great crowd for a great AAC matchup.

6:34 - Navy is guilty of a hold on the kickoff return and they begin their drive at their own 13 yard line.

6:30 - Riley Ferguson completes two huge passes - one to Sean Dykes for 30 yards and another to Daniel Hurd for 26 to move the ball to the Navy 7. Patrick Taylor carried the ball out of the wildcat set on the next play for a Memphis TD. Navy now leads the Tigers, 35-28 with 10:21 remaining in the game.  Memphis's scoring drive was 4-70-1:04.

6:25 - Facing a 4th-and-1 on their own 25, Navy decides to punt the ball away. The ball was fair caught on the Memphis 30 yard line following a 45 yard punt with 11:25 remaining in the game.

6:21 - The Navy defense steps up and forces another Memphis punt.  The Mids take over on their own 16 yard line.

6:12 - Navy goes for it on fourth down and Will Worth completes an 18-yard TD pass to Tyler Carmona giving Navy a 35-21 lead going into the fourth quarter. Navy's scoring drive was 12-75-5:42. Worth now has 2 rushing and 2 passing TDs in today's game. Navy is recognizing the pilots that performed today's flyover on the field between quarters.

6:10 - Memphis calls a very strategic timeout with 2 seconds remaining in the 3rd quarter that may force Navy to kick into the wind if they decide to try for a field goal on a 4th down and 4 on the Memphis 18.

6:04 - Memphis has an injured defensive player on the field. Navy has the ball 1st-and-10 on the Memphis 37 yard line with 3:20 remaining in the 3rd quarter.

5:54 - Memphis drives 82 yards on 13 plays and finds the end zone when Ferguson connects with Daniel Hurd from 9 yards out cutting Navy's lead to 28-21 with 5:42 remaining in the third quarter. Memphis's scoring drive was 13-82-3:32.

5:39 - Will Worth carries the ball into the end zone from 4 yards out for his second rushing TD of the game. Bennett Moehring makes his fourth PAT and Navy now leads Memphis, 28-14 with 9:14 left in the 3rd quarter. Navy now has 318 rushing yards in the game. Navy's scoring drive was 11-75-5:46.

5:34 - Will Worth has another big gain - this mite for 12 yards.  Not sure if I mentioned this already, but he's a tough runner - and I don't mean for a quarterback.

5:30 - Memphis prepares to kickoff to Navy to start the second half.

5:08 - Time runs out in the first half and the Midshipmen hold a 21-14 lead over visiting Memphis. First half stats -
Total yards - Navy 258, Memphis 156
Rushing yards - Navy 243, Memphis 33
Passing yards - Navy 15, Memphis 133
Time of possession - Navy 19:57, Memphis 10:03

5:01 - Worth carries the ball again, this time for 22 yards to the Memphis 3 yard line. On the next play, Worth carries the ball into the end zone giving Navy a 21-14 lead with 1:19 left in the half. Worth has 119 yards rushing on 17 carries in the game - a career high with another half of football yet to play. Navy's scoring drive was 9-70-3:11.

4:59 - Will Worth runs for 18 more yards down to the Memphis 21 yard line.  Navy now looking to break the 14-14 tie with just under 2 minutes remaining in the half. Navy takes their first timeout of the half.

4:57 - It was just announced that Navy now has over 200 yards rushing with 2:33 remaining in the second quarter. Navy has 204 yard on 34 carries. The Mids are averaging 262.4 yards per game this season.

4:50 - Memphis threw 3 incomplete passes in a row and Jake Elliott missed a 47 yard field goal attempt and the Tigers miss a great opportunity at putting points on the board. The game remains tied with 4:30 remaining in the half. Memphis's drive lasted only 23 seconds.

4:45 - Navy could not move the ball at all following their stop of Memphis. They actually lost 7 yards on the drive and Alex Barta punted the ball out of bounds at the Midshipmen 30. Memphis takes over with great field possession looking to break the 14-14 tie with 4:53 remaining in the first half.

4:41 - Memphis attempted a fourth down play at Navy's 1 yard line. Riley Ferguson was tackled for a 2-yard loss and Navy takes over on their own 3 yard line. Huge defensive stand by the Mids.

4:38 - Memphis is moving the ball quickly down field. They have the ball on the Navy 3 yard line using a potent passing attack gaining 59 yards on this drive so far.  The score is tied, 14-14 with 9:25 remaining in the half.

4:33 - The review showed that Worth lost possession of the ball that hit the pylon. The call is a fumble and a touchback. Memphis takes over on their own 20 yard line. That's a huge momentum shift.

4:31 - Will Worth keeps the ball and runs 29 yards for a Navy TD. The play is under review.

4:29 - Dishan Romine makes a 36-yard carry to the Memphis 32. This was his longest run of the season.

4:24 - Memphis loses 14 yards on a third down sack by D.J. Palmore forcing Memphis to punt. Navy will take over on their own 31 yard line.

4:19 - The first quarter ends with Navy and Memphis tied at 14. First quarter stats.
Total yards - Navy 111, Memphis 90
Rushing yards - Navy 96, Memphis 25
Passing yards - Navy 15, Memphis 65
Time of Possession - Navy 11:31, Memphis 3:29

4:14 - Navy answers back and drives down the field when Will Worth connected with Jamir Tillman for a 15 yard TD pass with 42 seconds remaining in the first quarter.  Navy knots the score at 14-14. Jamir Tillman now has 1,281 receiving yards which moves him to number two on the all-time list at Navy. His 9 career TD receptions move him to #4 at Navy. Navy's scoring drive was 10-61-5:35. That's their second scoring drive today that was over 5 minutes.

4:06 - Memphis claimed that Navy fumbled on their kickoff return, but replay confirmed that that the returner was down before losing the football. Navy has the ball 1st-and-10 on their own 39. Memphis has forced 18 turnovers already this season.

4:00 - Tony Pollard returned the Navy kickoff 100 yards to give Memphis the lead, 14-7.

3:56 - Navy scores a TD on their opening drive to answer Memphis. Shawn White scored on a dive play from 4 yards out to tie the score at 7-7. Navy dodged another bullet deep in Memphis territory. Chris High fumbled the ball on the Memphis 6 yard line. WR Tyler Carmona made a heads-up play recovering the loose ball on the Memphis 4 yard line. White scored on the next play. Navy's scoring drive was 11-65-5:56.

3:51 - Navy goes for it on fourth-and-one from their own 44.  Darryl Bonner took a Will Worth pitch for two yards converting the fourth down conversion.

3:46 - Navy just dodged a huge play by the Tigers. Memphis's kickoff hung in the air and went out of bounds just before a Memphis player recovered. Navy starts their opening drive on their own 35.

3:42 - Memphis marched easily down the field when Riley Ferguson hit Anthony Miller for a 33-yard TD pass.  The PAT was good and Memphis leads Navy, 7-0 with 12:26 remaining in the first quarter. Memphis's scoring drive was 7 plays, 75 yards, and took 2:34 off the clock.

3:38 - Navy won the toss and elected to defer to the second quarter.  The opening kickoff goes into the end zone and Memphis starts their opening drive at their own 25.

Previewing the Navy - Memphis game this afternoon in Annapolis, MD.

Navy and Memphis each come into this afternoon's contest undefeated in the American Athletic Conference West division. Navy comes in with a 4-1 overall record and Memphis is 5-1. The winner of today's contest controls their own destiny in participating in the AAC championship game on December 3. USF is 3-0 in the AAC East division.

Navy currently has 13-game win streak which includes a 46-40 win over #6 Houston. The win streak is the third-longest current win streak in the country.

Navy is best known again this year by their potent running game led by senior QB, Will Worth. Worth has 288 yards on 102 carries and 6 TDs. FB Chris High and slot backs Toneo Gulley and Dishan Romine are averaging  8.2, 9.1, and 7.5 yards per carry respectively. High has added 5 TD runs. Navy's 262.4 yards per game is 13th in the NCAA. Jamir Tillman is the leading receiver for the Mids with 18 catches for 271 yards. Tillman has 1,266 career receiving yards and needs just 12 yards to tie Phil McConkey for second place on the all-time list at Navy.

Navy's defense is led by talented junior linebacker, Micah Thomas. Thomas leads the team with 39 total tackles this season. His role expanded with the season-ending injury to captain Daniel Gonzales earlier in the season. Junior LB D.J. Palmore leads the team in sacks with 3 to go along with his 22 tackles. The defense has forced 9 fumbles and 3 interceptions, two of which came in the upset over Houston.

The Tigers are averaging 40.2 points for game which is 16th in the NCAA. Doroland Dorceus leads the running game with 427 yards and 5 TDs. Riley Ferguson is a talented QB that completes over 65 percent of his passes.  He's thrown for nearly 1,600 yards and 12 TDs. His main target is Anthony Miller who has 32 receptions and 2 TDs. Ferguson has completed TD passes to 8 different receivers this season.

The weather forecast for today's game - 59 degrees and windy (24 mph).

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Final - Navy 46, Houston 40

6:50 - Navy upsets #6 Houston, 46-40 and the entire brigade rushes the field.

6:47 - Alex Barta's punt travels 49 yards into the end zone and Houston will get the ball at the 20 with 9 seconds left in the game.

6:46 - Navy takes a delay of game on fourth down and will punt the ball to Houston with 17 seconds left in the game.

6:43 - Jarid Ryan recovers Houston's onside kick attempt for Navy.  The Mids have the ball on their own 49 with 1:53 remaining.  Navy fumbles their first play from scrimmage but recover for a loss of  1 yard.

6:40 - Greg Ward Jr. completes a 17 yard TD pass to Chance Allen on a fourth down play.  The PAT is good and Houston cuts Navy's lead to 46-40 with 1:57 remaining in the fourth quarter.  Houston's scoring drive was 13-70-2:41.

6:39 - Houston called for holding on an apparent Houston rushing TD by Ward.

6:35 - Houston converts a fourth down play giving the Cougars a first and ten at the Navy 33 with 3:10 remaining in the game.

6:25 - On fourth down and 3 from the Houston 23, Benner Moehring kicked a 40 yard field goal giving Navy a 13 point lead over Houston, 46-33 with 4:38 remaining in the game.  Navy's scoring drive was 4-7-1:01.

6:22 - Houston attempts an onside kick from their own 20 and Navy recovers at the Houston 30 yard line.

6:21 - What a fun game to watch.  It's a little better if you're rooting for Navy, but a very exciting, entertaining college football game.

6:18 - Navy forces a three-and-out and Houston snaps the ball out of the end zone for a safety.  Navy leads 43-33 and will get the ball with 5:39 left in the game.

6:13 - Houston held Navy on a fourth down attempt after a first down run was reviewed and found to be 1/2 yard short.  Houston has the ball first down on their own 16 with 6:26 remaining in the game with Navy leading 41-33.

6:07 - Gulley converts a third down with an 11 yard carry to the Houston 25.

6:05 - Worth carries the ball 20 yards to the Houston 39.  Worth is a hard runner that regularly breaks tackles. Worth now has 25 carries for 102 yards and a TD.

6:03 - Today's announced attendance was 34,531.  There's no way that many people showed up today.  That's a shame with a game this good.

6:02 - It appears the rain has stopped, at least for the time being.

5:56 - Dillon Birden carries the ball 2 yards for a Houston TD.  The PAT was blocked by DJ Palmore. Navy leads Houston 41-33 with 13:18 remaining in the game.  The Cougar scoring drive was 8-73-3:07.

5:50 - That's the end of the third quarter.  Navy leads Houston, 41-27.  Houston has the ball 2nd and 8 on the Navy 13.

5:49 - Ward completes a 25 yard pass to Chance Allen to the Navy 15 yard line.

5:47 - Greg Ward Jr. runs the ball 33 yards to the Navy 40 yard line.

5:43 - Will Worth completes a 34-yard TD pass to Brandon Colon.  Moehring's PAT extends Navy's lead over #6 Houston, 41-27 with 1:25 remaining in the third quarter.  Will Worth is 3-5 for 76 yards and 2 TDs.  Navy's scoring drive was 7-80-3:47.

5:40 - Dishan Romine carries the ball for 23 yards to the Navy 47.

5:34 - Greg Ward Jr. carries the ball 8 yards for a Houston TD.  The PAT was good and Houston cuts Navy's lead to 34-27 with 5:12 left in the third quarter.  The Houston scoring drive was 14-81-4:50.

5:30 - A targeting call was called against Navy's Sean Williams.  After a lengthy review, the call was reversed and Williams will stay in the game.  Houston has the ball at the Navy 10 yard line with 6:06 remaining in the third quarter.  Navy leads #6 Houston, 34-20.

5:20 - Josiah Powell switched his number this week to 58 in support of teammate Daniel Gonzales who was injured in the Air Force game and will miss the rest of the season.  The switch seems to have worked for him.

5:16 - Josiah Powell intercepted a Ward pass and returns it 34 yards for a Navy TD.  Bennett Moehring's PAT gives the Mids aa 34-20 lead over Houston. Powell has 2 INTs in today's game.

5:10 - Will Worth completes a 17-yard TD pass to Darryl Bonner.  The PAT attempt was good and Navy leads Houston, 27-20 with 11:03 remaining in the third quarter.  The TD was Bonner's first career TD.

5:05 - Greg Ward was sacked by Patrick Forrestal and Tyler Sayles and fumbled the ball. Forrestal recovered the fumble and Navy takes over on the Houston 41 yard line.

5:01 - It was just announced that Navy FB Chris High will not return to today's game.  He suffered an announced hip injury.  Houston will receive the second half kickoff.

4:45 - First half stats of note - Houston has 241 (35 rushing, 206 passing) total yards and Navy has 193 (168 rushing, 25 passing).  Three Houston receivers have four catches in the game.  Worth has 64 yards rushing on 20 carries.  Gulley has 52 yards on 5 carries.  Worth and High have rushing TDs for Navy.  Dunbar and Birden have receiving TDs for Houston.  Matthew Adams leads Houston with 8 tackles.  DJ Palmore has 4 tackles for the Mids and Josiah Powell has an INT.

4:38 - Bennett Moehring kicks a 38 yard FG as time ran out in the half.  Navy and Houston are tied 20-20.  Navy's scoring drive was 10-42-2:50.

4:37 - Will Worth completes a 25 yard bass to Darryl Bonner to the Houston 27 yard line.  It was Bonner's first career catch.

4:34 - Navy is forced to punt after losing 9 yards following their INT.  Houston roughed the punter and Navy retains the ball and has a first down at the Navy 43 yard line with 1:30 remaining in the half.

4:30 - Micah Thomas tipped a Greg Ward pass and it was picked off by Josiah Powell.  Navy takes over on their own 37 with 2:50 remaining in the half.  Ward is 14-19-206 with 2 TDs and an INT in the game.

4:22 - Navy faced a fourth down and one at their own 37 yard line and attempted to convert.  Will Worth ran the ball for three yards to the 40 to convert the fourth down play.  Navy trails Houston, 20-17.

4:16 - Ward completes a 19 yard TD pass to Dillon Birden.  The PAT gives Houston a 20-17 lead with 8:41 remaining in the first half.  Houston's scoring drive was 6-80-1:52.  Houston has 200-149 total yardage advantage over Navy in the first half.

4:15 - Ward completes a 30 yard pass to Bonner to the Navy 37 yard line.

4:07 - Will Worth runs the ball for 2 yards for a Navy TD.  The PAT gives Navy a 17-13 lead over #6 Houston with 10:33 remaining in the first half.  Navy's scoring drive was 7-71-3:27.

4:02 - Will Worth runs the ball 20 yards to the Houston 5.  First and goal Navy.  Worth has 58 yards rushing on 11 carries so far in the game. The Mids have 144 rushing yards in the game. Navy takes a timeout with 11:11 remaining in the half.

3:59 - Will Worth carries the ball 13 yards to the Navy 48.  Toneo Gulley follows that up with a 19 yard run to the Houston 33.

3:54 - Cummings kicks a 36 yard field goal giving Houston a 13-10 lead over Navy with 14:00 remaining in the second quarter.  Houston's scoring drive was 9-25-3:11.

3:52 - It was just announced in the press box that Navy's Calvin Cass Jr is out for the rest of the game with a head injury.  Chris High has an injured hip and may return.

3:49 - Houston goes for a fourth down conversion and Ward Jr scrambles for 5 yards to the Navy 25 yard line to keep the drive alive.  The quarter ends with Navy and Houston tied 10-10.

3:44 - Bennett Moehring kicks a 24 yard field knotting up the score, 10-10.  Navy's scoring drive was 11-66-5:49.  Navy attempts another onside kick and it was again recovered by the Cougars.

3:38 - Darryl Bonner runs the ball 11 yards to the Houston 14 yard line.  Navy has a 1st and 10 with 4:11 remaining in the first quarter.

3:37 - Gulley with another big run for Navy.  This time a 10-yarder to the Houston 25.

3:35 - Toneo Gulley runs for 17 yards to the Houston 38 yard line.

3:33 - Chris High with a 13-yard carry to the Navy 40.  High has 2 carries for 25 yards and a TD in the game.

3:28 - Ty Cummings kicks a 40 yard field goal to give Houston the 10-7 lead with 8:00 remaining in the first quarter.  Navy attempted an onside kick following their quick TD and Houston recovered on the Navy 48 yard line.  Houston's scoring drive was 7-plays for 25-yards and lasted 2:55.

3:26 - The rain hasn't hampered the Houston passing attack at this point.  Greg Ward Jr. is 5-5 for 85 yards and a TD in the game.

3:24 - Navy graduate and PGA golfer, Billy Hurley was just recognized on the field during the TV timeout.

3:19 - Dishan Romine returns the Houston kickoff 85 yards to the Houston 12 yard line.  On the next play, Chris High takes the pitch from Worth off the right side and goes untouched into the end zone.  Navy's scoring drive was 1-play for 12-yards and took just 18 seconds off the clock.  Navy and Houston are tied, 7-7. Wow! What a great momentum shift for the Mids.

3:16 - Greg Ward Jr. throws a 32 yard TD pass to Steven Dunbar to cap off a 5-play, 70-yard drive that took just 1:39 off the clock.  Houston leads Navy 7-0 with 11:13 remaining in the first quarter.

3:12 - Navy is forced to punt on their first drive.  QB Will Worth carried the ball three times and gained zero yards on that series.

3:08 - Houston won the coin toss and deferred to the second half.  Navy will get the ball first.

3:06 - The Mids take the field.  Kendrick Mouton carried the Marine flag, Nnamdi Uzoma carried the US flag, and Josh Anton carried the Navy flag onto the field.

2:47 - The Brigade of Midshipmen are now performing their march-on in front of a very sparse crowd. Kickoff is scheduled for 3:05 on CBS Sports Network. A fly-over and a parachute jumper are scheduled to take place prior to kickoff, but the weather will probably force the cancellation of both.

2:37 - We're about 30 minutes away from kickoff here at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.  Both teams are on the field for pregame warmups and it's still raining. It doesn't look like it's going to let up any time soon.

Previewing the Navy vs. Houston matchup this afternoon in Annapolis, MD.

Navy comes into this afternoon's contest with a 3-1 record coming off last week's disappointing loss to service academy rival, Air Force.  Houston enters the game 5-0 and is ranked #6 in the country.

Houston is the highest ranked team to play at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium since #2 South Carolina visited Annapolis in 1984.  Navy upset the highly favored Gamecocks that day, 38-21.

The forecast calls for rain most of the afternoon.  The soggy weather could have more of an impact on the Houston offense as the Cougars have thrown for about 1000 more yards this season than the Midshipmen.  The weather also could impact the Navy triple option offense where ball control is critical.

It will be interesting too see what kind of crowd will be in attendance with today's rainy forecast in Annapolis.  Navy was selling standing room only tickets earlier in the week.  Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium seats 34,000.

Navy lost their starting linebacker and co-captain, Daniel Gonzales for the season to a foot injury in last week's Air Force game.  Navy earlier in the season lost starting quarterback Tago Smith to a season ending knee injury.

Linebacker Micah Thomas moved into Gonzales' position and senior Mike Kelly moved into the starting lineup.

Navy's senior wide receiver Jamir Tillman needs just 13 yards to pass Phil McConkey and move to #2 at Navy for all-time receiving yards.  He's 470 yards behind receiving leader Rob Taylor.  Tillman has been starting at wide receiver for the Mids since his sophomore season in 2014.

Houston's starting quarterback, Greg Ward Jr. has thrown for 1,325 yards and eight touchdowns and rushed for 178 yards and five touchdowns.  Ward Jr. is a legitimate Heisman Trophy candidate.